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We offer holistic spa and beauty treatments from our location on Marino Mart in Fairview, Dublin 3. Nautilus is a calm and restorative space staffed by friendly, passionate and highly experienced therapists.
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Aqua Facial

A universal facial

The PHYT’s Aqua Facial is for any skin that is dehydrated, oily or dry. It aims to restore moisture and bring comfort to skin again. It’s a facial that is universally good for any skin. This treatment includes a cleanse, tone, exfoliation, two serums, and two masks with plenty of facial massage as these steps are completed.

The purpose of a good facial cleanse is to remove makeup, pollutants, perspiration, etc. The PHYT’s cleansers are a beautifully creamy consistency with plant ingredients such as lemon to help brighten the complexion, refreshing verbena, nourishing hazelnut, and hydrating sunflower oil.

The PHYT’s range offers two toners, orange and eucalyptus. The orange toner is for all skin types, including sensitive and contains bitter orange, verbena and mallow to help calm redness of broken capillaries, soothe and refresh the skin. The eucalyptus toner is for all skin types (except hyper-sensitive) with healing, balancing ingredients such as eucalyptus, sage and yarrow. One of the main goals of a toner is to help balance the pH levels of your skin.

Wondering why balancing the pH of your skin is important? The outer layer of our skin is known as the acid mantle. It is what protects our skin from the effects of pollution and bacteria. When that layer is balanced and happy, our skin is supple and soft. When that layer is out of balance, we see signs of irritation or inflammation, break-outs, and our skin may feel tight and dry.

Aqua Facial

Session: 75 mins – €80.

If you have any questions before booking your treatment, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Aqua Facial Treatment at Nautilus Holistic Therapies Centre Dublin
PHYTs Aqua Facial Nautilus Beauty and Spa Marino Fairview Dublin

Our go-to PHYT’s exfoliant is the Gommage Contact+ suitable for all skin types. This product is a gentle cream exfoliant designed to remove dead skin cells and absorb excess oil without bringing any redness or aggravation to the skin. Natural ingredients include plant cellulose for its gentle exfoliation particles, anti-inflammatory ylang-ylang and hydrating, nourishing sunflower oil.

However, if you’ve been struggling with oily, dull skin your therapist may instead choose the Natur’peel scrub. A blend of ingredients such as sea salt, lemon, white clay and wintergreen create this stimulating, warming scrub that removes dead skin cells, surface oil and shine. It has an anti-bacterial effect for blackheads and spots.

Next is a water-based serum that will be massaged into your skin three different times during your facial. This serum is very softening, hydrating, and helps to relieve tightness in the skin leaving skin looking plumped. Key ingredients include the legendary Hyaluronic Acid, aloe vera extract, peppermint extract and palmarosa essential oil.

A second serum follows with active ingredients such as nourishing sunflower oil, soothing, protective and revitalising ho wood essential oil, and antioxidant vitamin E. With each step of the PHYT’s Aqua Facial, the goal is nourishing protection, hydrating and restoring soft and smooth skin.

Your therapist will choose one of two masks for this treatment depending on what your skin needs the most. A purifying mask containing active ingredients such as white clay to detoxify the skin and absorb excess oil, neroli oil to help balance pH, camphor to help balance and purify the skin, and mint to stimulate, cool and refresh the skin, is one choice. The second choice is a Mask Confort. This lightweight mask is refreshing and gentle for all skin types with no clay so it remains a creamy consistency. With gentle, soothing, cooling aloe vera, nourishing healing beeswax and refreshing peppermint, this mask calms redness or irritations and helps uncover a clear complexion.

The Aqua Facial also includes a peel-off mask. This mask contains algae and mineral rich ingredients along with anti-ageing aloe extract and circulation stimulating rosemary. The Aqua Peel-Off mask is firming, plumping, stimulating, and cooling.

After this treatment, your skin will look like you’ve just returned from a restful, pampering holiday! Your therapist will let you know which products she determined would be the best for that treatment and provide aftercare advice to help you maintain your skin’s new healthy glow.

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What our customers say

Jenny made me feel at ease from the moment I arrived. The space is beautifully appointed and smells heavenly!! I had a 30 minute massage and a facial which after a bout of bad health felt so healing and rejuvenating!! I felt cared for throughout and will undoubtedly be back!! If you are feeling low I highly recommend a visit!!

Clare M.

Had a super relaxing facial from Jenny this week. Highly recommend it, my skin feels amazing. Thanks so much!

Jenny O.

Gorgeous treatment rooms and really professional therapists. The Phyts products are so luxurious..what a treat, thank you.

Genevieve D.

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